Production: Louis Advertisement Video
Recorded: Sound Ranch Studios (East)
Date: 2013
Composer: J.W. Johnson
Artists: Leo Raymundo, Nikki DeCaires, John Johnson
Media: Digital

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"You Mean The World To Me" Written and recorded by John Johnson for Louis Girls. Vocals: Nikki DeCaires, Bass and Guitar: Leo Raymundo, Piano and Percussion: John Johnson (2013)


I've had the finest wine in Greece and France
Stopped in Lisbon for a wonderful dance
Skied down the Alps when I had the chance
But, you mean the world to me

I've climbed the highest peaks in old Tibet
I've watched the red sun rise and sun
Being with you is as good as it gets
And you mean the world to me

But, oh, how the world turns slow
So very far to go
When you're not with me

I've combed the nicest beaches in Brazil
Stopped for tapas on my way to Seville
I'd rather come home where my heart is filled
And you mean the world to me

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