Production: Louis Advertisement Video
Recorded: Sound Ranch Studios (East)
Date: 2013
Composer: J.W. Johnson
Artists: John Johnson, Ryan Sweet, Dave Del Zotto
Media: Digital

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Production track:

Demo Track:

We got a call from Sacramento Painter Micah Crandall-Bear Last July. "I'd like to do a video on a painting we're doing," he said. "It's more like a mural."

We did not know at the time, but it would also feature painters Kim Squagliaand Jose Di Gregorio .

The mural was to be a painting to be hung behind the stage at Sacramento's "Launch" Music Festival, which featured bands such as Washed Out , Blonde Redhead , DLRN and Imagine Dragons .

12VoltArt's task was to film the painting of the video, and then create a custom soundtrack for the video that would be featured in social media and other outlets.

Composer John Johnson thought of a concept for the music almost immediately.

"It seemed like these three painters were combining their dreams together on canvass, and I wanted a song that was about them dreaming together."

Johnson penned the song and then enlisted the help of fellow musician Ryan Sweet to help with guitars, vocals, and some of the lyrics. Along with famed Seattle drummer Dave Del Zotto, they produced "Dream With You" in a matter of days at The Sound Ranch in Bellevue, WA.