Kendrick Lamar is awarded a Pulitzer for Damn

April 16, 2018By John JohnsonUncategorized

Musically, his albums have challenged both himself and hip-hop’s standards: While “Good Kid” was a kaleidoscopic take on Lamar’s own life and upbringing in a thoroughly melodic yet hard-hitting musical context, his next album was a deep challenge to his audience: He enlisted a battery of Los Angeles jazz musicians to back him, and while … Read More

New Production – Cubicle : Blockchain (delayed release)

November 13, 2017By John JohnsonUncategorized

Cubicle’s production schedule for their latest record BlockChain has been delayed. New production RTM date is February 3rd 2018. Release: February 2017 – iTunes, Amazon Music, CDBaby All tracks composed and produced by JW Johnson and Cubicle Currently In production Mixed and Mastered at The Sound Ranch, Sacramento, CA Engineer for The Sound Ranch: J.W. … Read More

New Production – AnonVeda : Savasana (Released Today)

October 17, 2017By John JohnsonUncategorized

Release: 17 October 2017 – iTunes, Amazon Music, CDBaby Tracks 1-11 Written, arranged and produced by J.W. Johnson Tracks 12-14 Written and arranged by Sydney Ranee’, J.W. Johnson and Adrian Gilmore Tracks 12-14 Produced by J.W. Johnson Recorded September 13th 2017 at Sound Ranch Studios, Bellevue WA, Forward Productions, Los Angeles, CA, and SoundCap Studios, … Read More

2001 – A Space Odyssey Lost Score by Alex North

May 25, 2016By John JohnsonUncategorized

Alex North was commissioned for 2001: A Space Odyssey.  His score was discarded by director Stanley Kubrick.  North attended the premiere not knowing his score was being cut.  The score itself remained unheard until composer Jerry Goldsmith rerecorded it for Varese Sarbande in 1993. In 2007,  Intrada Records released world premiere of the original performance of Alex North’s score.