You probably don’t think about it much, but your story has a voice. The way your story sounds is an audio brand of who you are, and what your message is attempting to say. Good custom music changes your brand to be more representative of the story you are trying to tell, much like fonts, colors, logos and graphics are to your visual brand.

If there had to be one word to define what makes SoundRanch different than other composers out there, it would be diversity. We work with your brand, whether it is a corporate presentation or a film, to ensure that the right style and execution portray your message emotionally and accurately. Many times audiences will remember the music from a story more than the story itself.

That diversity is what makes your sound unique to your story. It’s worth it to have audiences recognize your custom sound as well as your visual brand. It accentuates your message, and grants immediate recognition.

SoundRanch is not only a musical storyteller, it’s also a project studio designed for rapid audio recording. We’re stocked with grand and upright pianos, stringed instruments and all the recording gear needed to get a project up and going with little technical hassle.

Our process is similar to creating a visual brand: Interaction with the client and their vision for the message they are trying to portray, followed by a strategy that defines how everything will be scheduled. We often use comps to demonstrate ideas and get us as close as possible to a strong fit in tone, voice and emotion.


The execution is typically the most involved of the process. We are based in Seattle and tend to hire Seattle musicians when possible, although some musicians may record part of the project in another part of the country or even the world.

We are not afraid of exploration or experimentation. Sitars and guitars? Check. African drums with an acoustic bass and a Japanese Koto? No problem. The infinite voices available in music are within grasp to deliver a unique and compelling soundtrack for your project.

We’d rather be playing music than talking about ourselves. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about how we run things. Be sure to give our demo a listen on the right side of the screen.

We look forward to hearing your story!